Thursday, December 5, 2013

Missy Sunshine ❤ The Birth Story ❤

Hello! Introducing Missy sunshine!

It started when my daughter was teething (when she was about 1yo) and I made a sunshine ribbon taggie with felt. It's easier to sew (it was a breeze in fact!) and in bright yellow color - which lead to the name, sunshine! However, the felt thread became clumpy and some areas a little bit furry and I don't quite favor it. Years passed by and my daughter is almost 4yo now, she still attached to the Sunshine, so I create another one, with better material that will last longer, for a lifetime I hope!

It is made from minky dot and sewing with minky is hard because it's slippery, but it's so so worth it. The texture is so cuddly and soft to your kids skin. The ribbon is a mix of grossgrain, satin and polyester. The backing is from thick printed cotton and I also backed it with durable piece of plastic inside, for a crinkly sound. I hand-stiched her name as personal touch. Eyes and smiley is also hand-stitched. The filling is from fiberfill.

Size is about 6" in diameter.

And yes, you can custom made to order! Just drop me an email at ;)

Made with love by mommy ❤

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