Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm a bee. And crazily craft lovin'. I'm a craft bee crazy!

Hi craft lovers! 

Welcome everyone! 

This is a little space where I share my love and passion towards craft. I love making craft and buying them too! LOL! Well, who doesn't love shopping ;). Whatever I feel love, gotta share with you guys! 

So here I am, selling some raw craft material that I love and sharing some loving handmade stuff made by yours truly! That will be under MADE WITH LOVE tab.

Do peek at the TUTORIAL section too, maybe that can inspire you in some ways! 

There will be occasionally random rants, depending on what weather i'm wearing hehehe. Which you can read by scrolling down further. Well, that's about it!

So feel happy to buzz around and click click click. If you find anything fancy, drop me an email!

Last but not least, happy crafting everyone! Craft your life and let's be crazy about it! ;)